i don’t look naked anymore - snake oil willie

thunderstruck by steve’n’seagulls (ac/dc cover)

how to cut a wheel of cheese

shark week on periods

shark week on periods

the mundane goddess staring uma thurman

reverse game on a japanese game show

dogs driving cars

kim jong-un in a music video, featuring obama and guest staring putin

if doctor who was american

henry the 8ths milk

henry the 8ths milk

saving private ryan as an expendables 3 type trailer




I recorded a cover of Lego’s song “Everything is Awesome” with singer Sophie Blackburn for this video for Greenpeace directed by Martin Stirling. 

Warner Bros had this video take down* but it’s back up now so watch it before it disappears again.

what if ingmar bergman directed the flash?

japanese official apologizes for eating the last donut